Missing Cat

Hello everyone, are you missing a cat? If this is your cat or you know who’s home this kitty belongs to, let us know he or she is staying at the Cooneys!

Contact quoc@woodlakeneighbors.com and I’ll let the Cooney’s know.


Lucille (Lu) Mueller

Lucille ( Lu) Mueller Passed away March 5, 2013.  Lu was a resident of Woodlake with her husband Darwin (Darv) Mueller from 1976-2013.

Woodlake residents would often see Lu gardening in the yard, selling her plants at the garage sales, or walking with Darv and their dog Sampson.  Services will be held this Friday, March 15th @ 4:00 at Christ Lutheran Church in Lakewood

By Lori Cooney

Stolen vehicle, pond parking area

This morning Deputy Cooney recovered a stolen vehicle from the pond parking area. The vehicle was a white Ford Fusion. If you have any suspect information please contact Deputy Cooney at 798-4058.

By Mike Cooney

Beautification Update

Dear Neighbors!

We will soon complete the frontage and greenbelt trails and are moving to the main entrance/exit area. This is a beautification project and we will be doing a thorough clean up of this area and a wood chip application. This area has needed attention and we have worked with our landscaper to come up with a cost effective, maintenance friendly solution.

The Woodchips serve as an affordable aesthetic ground cover option for a very large area. Woodchips stop weeds and grasses from taking over and cover up rocky soil. We are using the same Tree service companies that supply Chambers Bay and the Point Defiance Zoo for their woodchip application needs. We look forward to the project completion and appreciate everyones patience while the work is in progress

By Aaron Cavelti