Light Pole Replacement

This is being sent out as a courtesy notice that we are starting our light pole replacement job in the next week.  The old rotten wood poles in front of the pond in the parking strip have failed and are not serviceable.  This project will be done in a few stages.  The Repair Works ( a local university place lighting contractor ) will remove the old poles, dig a trench to install a new power line in conduit  and then set concrete bases.  After that is completed he will return to install  the metal pole’s with energy efficient LED down light heads that will illuminate the parking area and hook them up to the new power line.


By Carmelle

Pond Work Completed

We have Completed all repairs to pond water supply, electrical controls and piping.   This week we had Richardson Well company out to inspect our well and electrical sensors that keep the flow of water regulated for the pond.  The Good news is that everything is operational and we are completed with our repairs.  However with the lack of rain our Aquifer is low and we are in a holding pattern due to no rain.   It was a very wet spring and that caused a lot of delays for finishing our repairs and now that its been dry for over 60 days our water supply is to low to fill pond quickly.  Our Pond will fill just not as quickly as we would like to see.

By Carmelle

Suspicious Activity

There have been numerous houses that have had unknown people knocking on their doors late at night.  If you see any suspicious activity, call 911.

By Carmelle


The pool is clear.  In order to keep the water clear, please ensure cleansing shower before entry.

In addition, if you bring drinks to the pool or other items please clean up afterward.  There is no janitor to pick up garbage left on the tables and pool deck.  If you refer to the rules, there should be no food in the pool deck area.  There was a considerable amount of trash in the pool deck area tonight.  Finally, if you or your guest make a mess in the bathroom, pool deck, or anywhere in the fenced area, please clean it up.

Keeping the pool area clean, showering, and following the rules will make everyones pool experience better.

Thank you for your assistance.

By Carmelle

Pool is Green

The pool water is green.  the chemistry is correct and the pool company will be adding an extra day of cleaning.  please make sure you shower before using the pool.

By Carmelle