Street Parking

No Street Parking in Woodlake.

Please do not routinely park vehicles in the street in front of your home (Violation of CCR Amendment #2). Woodlake does not allow street parking. Our streets are narrow and there are no side walks in our community. Parking in the street causes unnecessary congestion and creates safety issues. This forces walking residents, children at play and vehicles to cross into on coming traffic to go around a vehicle parked in the street. It also obstructs emergency vehicles, garbage trucks and mail carriers form routine operations and emergency response. Parking is allowed in designated parking areas and driveways only. Please do not park vehicles on the street, in your front yard or next to an island.

Thank you.

Woodlake Board

By Carmelle

Noxious Weed Control and Tree Follow up

True Green is scheduled to come out on September 25th to do the second of the semi annual noxious weed control applications in both green belt areas.
Also this week Archon Tree service is coming by to follow up in the green belt areas from our annual safety inspection.   We have one area that has a small tree that was reported as dying and was tagged for removal.   Unfortunately it was not removed when they were here in July.  A member of the HOA Board will be walking around with the owner and Arborist to ensure that everything that was marked for removal or trimming, in the original report that was submitted to City and approved, is taken care of.
By Carmelle

POOL Stays Open

The pool will stay open as long as the weather is good.  The lifeguards last day is Labor Day September 4th.

By Carmelle