Halloween reminders:

Hours: 6:00 pm to 8:00pm

if you are not participating please turn off porch light.

Enjoy and watch out for the kids.

By Carmelle

Pond Update 2

The City of University place was on site with a crew for two days in August.  They inspected the pond, trimmed the feeder pipes above the pond back to the bank and sealed them.  Next they went into the debris basin located directly above the pond on the landscaped bank and cleaned out 30 years worth of debris and inspected that end of the pipe seals and also sealed the debris basin.  From the debris going back up the trail to the vault they cleaned out and inspected the vault and pipe that connects the debris basin and vault. They mortared and sealed that pipe joint, sealed the pipe and also sealed the vault.  The City has also added us to their Maintenance schedule and will be back to inspect and clean these areas on a scheduled basis. Pond is now filling again and we are all hoping for a good result.

By Carmelle