2017 List of Accomplishments


  • New Landscape Service Provider selected Nasim and Sons. April 2017
  • Annual Tree safety inspection performed by Arborist. April 2017
  • Outdoor Burning restrictions/ Info posted to website from West Pierce Fire. April 2017
  • Coyote sightings and Info Post to Website.  April 2017
  • Annual Easter egg hunt. April 2017
  • Took Annual safety report to City of University Place Approved. May 2017
  • Scheduled Tree removals and trimming for July 2017.
  • Annual Board Meeting. May 2017
  • Obtained Bids for future trail Upgrade to Chambers Elementary. May 2017
  • Noxious weed control application common areas. May 2017
  • Frontage Clean up. May 2017
  • Pool House Bathrooms and Storage room clean up in preparation for 2017 season. May 2017
  • Prepared annual Pool Rules and Registration for 2017 season.  May 2017
  • Hired Lifeguard for Pool. May 2017
  • Opened the Pool for 2017 season. May 2017
  • Pond area and Green belt Storm debris clean up. June 2017
  • All trails in green belts Re-chipped with wood chips. June 2017
  • Elected New Member to Board. June 2017
  • Determined new Board Positions. June 2017
  • Pool Leak discovered and Located by American Leak Detection. Both underwater lights leaking. June 2017
  • Researching pool leak fix repair needed will post notification. June 2017
  • Light Poles Ordered for the pond parking strip light pole replacement. June 2017
  • Created new Woodlake Directory will be sending out hard copies when finalized. June 2017
  • Posted No street Parking reminders on website for the second time this year. June 2017
  • Pool outdoor lighting fixed.  July 2017
  • Pond cold patching completed. July 2017
  • Pond Well final repair completed and now operational. All repairs done for cost of materials by volunteer.  July 2017
  • Pond water fountain installation.  July 2017
  • Sewer line blockage cleared from pool bathrooms. This caused pool closure due to sewer backup into the pool bathrooms. July 2017
  • Dangerous tree removal and pruning completed per Arborist report.  July 2017
  • Annual national night out ice cream social with bounce house attraction.  August 2017
  • Pool water quality issues ( green water )  addressed and additional cleaning added.  Aug 2017
  • Pool Skimmer repaired. August 2017
  • Underground utilities marked for light pole replacement job.  August 2017
  • Ordered Light Pole bases and Light Poles.  August 2017
  • Met with Niwar @ Nasim & Sons to get estimates for green belt entrance clean up beautification. July 2107
  • Placed new first aid kit  for Pool.  August 2017
  • John Fuller volunteered to be back up for Scott and Eddie at pool to maintain chlorine levels.  August 2017
  • Eddie, Scott and John check the pool chemical levels daily and add chlorine if needed and keep in  communication with Aqua Care to keep pool clear.  Daily June -September 2017.
  • Light pole demo and replacement. August 2017
  • Lighting Contractor The Repair Works installed a new underground power line in conduit
    for cost of materials only as a thank-you for being a returning customer saving us $3500.  August 2017.
  • Removed no parking signs from old light poles will reuse them on new poles.  August 2017
  • Met with new landscape crew and established contact with the Crew leads to stay on top of our monthly contract.   August 2017
  • Sprinkler head by path to pool repaired.  August 2017
  • Pay phone at pool ( Required by health department for emergency calls )  was not working, receiver will be repaired by resident Adolfo.  September 2017.
  • Met with Brian at Archon tree service to follow up on removals and trimming from July. August 2017
  • Researched local pay phone companies to take over pay phone at pool.  Current company not local and having issues with servicing the phone.  August 2017
  • True Green sprayed noxious weeds in green belts second application for this year.  Sept 2017.
  • Replaced the three entrance lamp bulbs with LED bulbs.  August 2017.
  • Met with Nasim and Sons to get estimate on barking the area under light poles due to no sprinkler and the grass dying out every summer. August 2017
  • Archon Tree service Followup to safety Inspection completed.  Sept 2017
  • Semi annual Moss control applied to Roof of Pool house.  Sept 2017
  • Pool Contractors bidding on the handrail addition and other regulatory items needed.  Sept 2017
  • True Green semi annual noxious weed control application in Green belts.  Sept 2017
  • Pond Light installation completed, updated with LED lights.  Sept 2017
  • Several no street parking violations sent out to residents that routinely park in street.  Sept 2017
  • Discovered  well water supply line pipe crack, coordinated repairs.  Oct 2017
  • Ordered Mesh / screen and designed a custom fountain screen to help filter debris in pond water that causes fountain to clog.  Oct 2017
  • Ordered replacement Bibs / Waders to help when servicing the pond quarterly when full of water. Oct 2017
  • Winter Pond maintenance requires entry into pond to clean and troubleshoot fountain, check pipes and water flow etc…..  Oct 2017
  • Winterized pool house and bathrooms Nov 2017
  • Coordinated storm debris pickup Dec 2017
By Scott

Pool Cleanup for Opening day.

In anticipation of the pool opening we will have a pool cleanup, get ready day on May 12 at 10am.

Please show up to help get the pool ready for opening on May 24.
By Scott

Painting Season is Approaching

Soon the weather will hopefully be much better.  In anticipation of this, please take the time to assess the paint on your home.  Take advantage of the summer sun to protect your home with some new paint.

By Scott

Friendly Reminders

Be on the look out for mail thefts.  Suspicious vehicle prowling for mail and packages.  No further details.

There has also been a large increase in the amount of dog poop in the greenbelts.  Please ensure you clean up after your dog.  It is the law.


By Scott

Chambers Primary Castle Playground

Chambers Primary Playground Rebuild Project.  

This is being sent out to Woodlake residents to help raise community awareness.  Multi-generational Woodlake families have enjoyed the Chambers Primary School Playground and hope you can help make a difference.

The Castle Playground at Chambers Primary School is being replaced this summer.

Chambers Primary School Playground Rebuild Project is in need of community support through donations (Donations being excepted through February 16th). The school’s budget allows for very basic equipment; nothing like what is there now. They are relying on much needed donations to buy additional pieces for the playground to be similar in size as the current structure.

If you would like to donate to this worthy cause please go to the Chambers Primary School website and click on the playground photo for a short informational video presentation and donation link.  You can also read a letter written by the current principal.


By Scott