Green belt Project

Woodlake Enhancement #3,
We are now proceeding with the third enhancement project for our neighborhood.  It is scheduled to take place the second week of September.   The green belt entrance off of Woodlake drive and 58th street west and the other large green belt entrance by the island off of 61st street and 87th ave west will be re-done.  These two green belt entrances are in need of beautification.  They will be landscaped, barked with a medium dark bark,  groupings of boulders will be brought in and a foot path will be established from the street to the green belt chipped trail.   We have planned for and approved this work and now have the budget to implement it this year.  We look forward to this much needed and requested enhancement project.  We are looking forward to this improvement to our neighborhood.
By Scott

Enhancement Project # 2

The enhancement project for the area in front of our pond and parking strip is scheduled to begin at the end of August.  This area will be prepped and leveled, treated with a pre emergent weed control, barked with a medium dark bark and groupings of boulders of varying sizes will be brought in and placed for desired aesthetic appeal.  We will also be adding a small pedestrian paver path from the corner of parking strip to the black top trail as it is heavily used area during the summer months. The corner at the end of the pond parking strip that you first see when you drive down our entrance will have a small dry river bed added and column rocks placed to help distinguish and enhance our entrance.

We will also be doing some unseen but needed maintenance as well to this area with the installation of a small retaining wall along the first seven sections of fence that wrap the corner of the pond by the large drain.  This will prevent further damage to our chain link fence and debris from washing down into the pond as is happening now.  The small hill around the clean out man hole that houses our pond controls will also be regraded and one man rocks will be installed to keep mulch and debris from caving on the lid and provide a stable flat working area.  This work has long been requested and planned for, and we were able to budget for it this last year.   We look forward to this enhancement to our neighborhood.
By Scott

Pond Work

In the coming weeks we will drain the pond and the city will come in and make the needed repairs to our inlet pipes that are rusted out and failing. We believe this to be the cause of the lower water level preventing the operation of the fountain.  We are also taking advantage of the pond being empty to make other repairs to the circulation pipe that is over by the footbridge and other minor repairs that need to take place when the pond is empty.  We are waiting to hear from the city on actual start dates for this repair work to begin and it will need to be dry (no rain) for repairs to take place.  As soon as the repair is completed and the city signs off on it we will fill the pond back up and hope for one good day of rain to assist with that process.   We look forward to this repair being completed and our pond back to normal.

By Scott

National Night Out 2018

Tuesday August 7, 2018 is the National Night Out gathering.  Ice Cream will be served from 6:00pm to 8:00pm at the Pond Parking lot.  Last years turnout landed Woodlake on the City of University Place flyer.


By Scott

Chambers Trail Closed Monday July 30th for Paving

Trail Closed For Paving Monday July 30th
This is being sent out as a courtesy notice. The gravel trail at then end of the development on 89th ave west that leads to Chambers Elementary School is scheduled to be paved on Monday July 30th.  The trail will be closed while this work is being done.  As soon as its safe to walk on the trial will re-open.
By Scott

Pond Update #2

Since the last Pond update on June 24th we hired Drain Pros to video inspect the sewer line from the debris basin next to the asphalt trail to the debris basin on the landscaped pond bank.  What we saw was the massive 45 foot section of concrete style pipe is in great shape and does not need repairs.  What we discovered in doing this procedure is the three out flow pipes from the pond bank debris vault to the pond are old corrugated steel and are rusted through in several spots.  These three pipes are deteriorating and Michael was able to capture images of the holes and condition of these pipes.  These pipes are most likely the culprit to the lower water level we are experiencing preventing the use of the fountain for our pond.

Over the last two weeks Alex has on multiple occasions contacted the city and has had several in depth conversations regarding the ownership of the pipes and financial obligation to repair these pipes. We are pleased to report that the city has agreed to repair these old failing metal corrugated pipes that feed our pond.  They have already been onsite measuring and devising a plan to repair the three out flow pipes that feed our pond. This is a huge savings for our HOA and we are very fortunate to have a good relationship with the City and also a dedicated group of volunteers who have spent many hours trying to solve the water level issue with our pond.  We are filling the pond back up in the mean time and are waiting for the City to get back to us with a repair schedule.

By Scott