Woodlake Street Parking

No Street Parking in Woodlake.

Please do not routinely park vehicles in the street in front of your home (Violation of CCR Amendment #2). Woodlake does not allow street parking. Our streets are narrow and there are no side walks in our community. Parking in the street causes unnecessary congestion and creates safety issues. This forces walking residents, children at play and vehicles to cross into on coming traffic to go around a vehicle parked in the street. It also obstructs emergency vehicles, garbage trucks and mail carriers form routine operations and emergency response. Parking is allowed in designated parking areas and driveways only. Please do not park vehicles on the street, in your front yard or next to an island.

Thank you.



By Carmelle

Woodlake Garage Sale 2016

The annual Garage Sale will be Friday July 8 and Saturday July 9th, from 9:00 am until 5:00 PM on these days.

There is no cost to participate.


By Carmelle

Pool Opens May 27

The Pool opens Friday May 27!   Remember, you must sign the pool rules form and return to Eddie Archer before you use the pool. It is our pool and we our all responsible for following the rules.


Have fun, and enjoy the pool.


By Carmelle

Spring Beautification

Spring Beautification Update

We have been busy beautifying the neighborhood this past two weeks. We have had our landscaping crew spread 40.5 Yards of fine dark bark on the islands and are having additional 25 yards being spread down by the pond, parking strip and in front of the Woodlake Sign. Residents have expressed in the past that they preferred the fine dark bark for this application and we appreciate their input.

We are also having our Landscaper (Gustavo) start the planned island landscaping/ tree re-planting project on the 89th street Cul-de-Sac islands where the dangerous trees were removed this last winter.

We have also been very fortunate to have local Curtis High School volunteers Hunter Buchanan, Mark Lees, & Spencer Budan. They are fulfilling their community service hour requirements, as required by Curtis High School and we appreciate their efforts. And also a thank you to Lori Cooney for coordinating this project for our neighborhood and the student volunteers.

Woodlake is available to help out students with fulfilling their volunteer requirements, just contact the HOA board and we can coordinate with you.

By Carmelle