Chambers Trail Closed Monday July 30th for Paving

Trail Closed For Paving Monday July 30th
This is being sent out as a courtesy notice. The gravel trail at then end of the development on 89th ave west that leads to Chambers Elementary School is scheduled to be paved on Monday July 30th.  The trail will be closed while this work is being done.  As soon as its safe to walk on the trial will re-open.
By Carmelle

Pond Update #2

Since the last Pond update on June 24th we hired Drain Pros to video inspect the sewer line from the debris basin next to the asphalt trail to the debris basin on the landscaped pond bank.  What we saw was the massive 45 foot section of concrete style pipe is in great shape and does not need repairs.  What we discovered in doing this procedure is the three out flow pipes from the pond bank debris vault to the pond are old corrugated steel and are rusted through in several spots.  These three pipes are deteriorating and Michael was able to capture images of the holes and condition of these pipes.  These pipes are most likely the culprit to the lower water level we are experiencing preventing the use of the fountain for our pond.

Over the last two weeks Alex has on multiple occasions contacted the city and has had several in depth conversations regarding the ownership of the pipes and financial obligation to repair these pipes. We are pleased to report that the city has agreed to repair these old failing metal corrugated pipes that feed our pond.  They have already been onsite measuring and devising a plan to repair the three out flow pipes that feed our pond. This is a huge savings for our HOA and we are very fortunate to have a good relationship with the City and also a dedicated group of volunteers who have spent many hours trying to solve the water level issue with our pond.  We are filling the pond back up in the mean time and are waiting for the City to get back to us with a repair schedule.

By Carmelle

Annual Woodlake Garage Sale

The annual Garage Sale will be Friday July 20th and Saturday July 21st, from 9:00 am until 5:00 PM on these days.

There is no cost to participate.

By Carmelle

Green Belt Tree Work July 3rd

This is being sent out as a courtesy notice.  The recommended tree trimming and removals from the annual tree safety inspection will take Place on July 3rd.  This Inspection was performed by an ISA Certified Arborist in April.  The recommendations were submitted to and approved by the City of University Place.  The tree work is only expected to take one day.
Part of this work will be the dead limbing and wind-sailing of the trees that surround our swimming pool.  While this work is taking place the pool will be closed for safety reasons.  As soon as the work is completed the pool will re-open.  We asked the tree service Contractor to start trimming and windsailing the trees around the pool area first thing.  Our hope is that the tree work around the pool will be completed early in the day and there will be minimal impact on pool usage.
By Carmelle