Frontage Cleanup and Green Belt Storm Debris Pick Up & Noxious weed Control

We have Scheduled our land-care company Nasim and Sons to clean up both green belts and inside Pond gate area.  They will also be removing the debris piles that are currently inside the pond liner.  They are not removing any vegetation or trees.  They are picking up downed storm debris, fallen branches and trash that has found its way into the Green belt.  This will now occur annually after the winter storm season with the option off adding it in as needed during other times of the Year.  This project should only take one day and they are going to use vehicle to haul the collected debris out of the green belts.  This is scheduled for Monday June 5-2017.
In addition we have scheduled True Green to spray the green belt areas for Noxious weed control.  This will include both green belt areas and inside the pond gate as well. The primary focus of this application is to spray black berry bushes, scotch broom and other Noxious weeds that can take over the green belts if not taken care of.  This is the same service you see the City of University Place doing to promote a healthy and safe environment in their forested urban areas and parks.  This project is scheduled for the week of May 28th through June 5.  This project should only take one day to complete.
This Friday May 26th we have scheduled our land care company Nasim and Sons to clean up our frontage along Chambers Creek Road.  This is included in our landscape service contract and will be maintained on an as needed basis.
Remember park in your driveway not the street for the safety of our neighborhood.
From the Pierce County Noxious Weed Control Board.
Noxious Weed is the traditional, legal term given to non‐native plants that have been proven to have a negative impact on the environment, and are destructive, competitive, and/or difficult to control.

Noxious weeds arrive in our region in a variety of different ways.  Many are escaped garden plants, others arrive through agricultural crops, contaminated hay or seed, or from vehicle tires along transportation corridors.

Once established, noxious weeds  crowd out desirable vegetation, reduce agricultural productivity, compromise public health and safety, lower property values, increase flood hazards, and destroy native plant and animal habitat.

By Carmelle

2017 Woodlake Garage Sale

The annual Garage Sale will be Friday July 7 and Saturday July 8th, from 9:00 am until 5:00 PM on these days.

There is no cost to participate.

By Carmelle

2017 HOA Accomplishments

Woodlake Annual Meeting: Accomplishments 2017

  1. Moss control applied to pool house roof and pool deck.
  2. Pond drained and cleaned. Over 60 tons of debris hauled away.
  3. Richardson Well company evaluated our well and water supply for pond.  Operational.
  4. City came out and inspected trees surrounding pond liner.  Tree roots have pierced liner.  
  5. Pond liner professionally evaluated and waiting on weather to cooperate to patch holes.
  6. Pond  fountain pump repaired, rusted shut taken apart and rebuilt by volunteer.
  7. Pond fountain pump motor taken apart, sandblasted and re assembled.  Operational now.
  8. Pond Piping was rusted shut and non serviceable, all piping changed out by volunteer.
  9. Main pond supply pipe bored through concrete wall to be re installed.
  10. Pond Circuit breaker, Timer and Low water level relay all non serviceable.  Replaced.  
  11. Wiring for well pump circuit replaced with larger gauge wire.   
  12. Power line that feeds frontage failed,  Line was located fault was found and repaired.
  13. Underground power line is compromised in several places, researching repair options.
  14. Entrance light pole bulbs are being changed out to LED.  Will start using LED as needed.
  15. Pool House door vents added for ventilation.
  16. Pool house interior trim redone.
  17. Greenbelt Trails rechipped ( in progress now ).
  18. Light poles in front of pond are not serviceable and are scheduled to be replaced 2017.
  19. Weekly landscaping service for common areas.
  20. Monthly Pool Maintenance Service.
  21. New landscape maintenance provider selected. Nasim and Sons Started April 2017.
  22. Green belt storm debris and limb clean up to be scheduled on an annual basis.    
  23. All common area green belts were treated semi annually for noxious weed control.
  24. Sprayed all chipped trails for weed control as needed.
  25. Certified Arborist Performed Annual safety inspection of common area Trees April 2017.
  26. 2016 Safety inspection results submitted to city and approved.  Dangerous trees removed.
  27. City advised us to create an Urban Forest Management plan and have it on file with city.
  28. Woodlake Little Library installed.
  29. Bus stop window repaired. Plastic window pops out of tracking during winter months.  
  30. New Neighbors Welcomed.
  31. Pool water leak identified and fixed.
  32. Lifeguard selection process underway for the 2017 pool season.
  33. Annual Easter egg hunt for residents 2017.
  34. National night out August 2016.
By Carmelle