Woodlake Street Parking

No Street Parking in Woodlake.


Please do not routinely park vehicles in the street in front of your home (Violation of CCR Amendment #2). Woodlake does not allow street parking. Our streets are narrow and there are no side walks in our community. Parking in the street causes unnecessary congestion and creates safety issues. This forces walking residents, children at play and vehicles to cross into on coming traffic to go around a vehicle parked in the street. It also obstructs emergency vehicles, garbage trucks and mail carriers form routine operations and emergency response. Parking is allowed in designated parking areas and driveways only. Please do not park vehicles on the street, in your front yard or next to an island.

Thank you.

Woodlake Board

By Carmelle

Woodlake Projects Update

Water Leak associated with pool or pool house.  American Leak Detection INC was hired to locate the leak.  Waiting on report and remedy.
City of University Place approved the annual safety inspection report provided by the Certified Arborist.   Annual Safety Inspection Tree Work is being scheduled now.
Green Belt and Pond storm debris pickup job that was postponed was rescheduled for the week of June 19th to the 23rd..
Noxious weed Control in common areas and Green belts completed first week of June.
We will be spreading wood chips on all green belt trails as soon as we get the final load of wood chips.  Should be in the next few weeks.
Approaching final stages of the Pond repairs.  Coordinating volunteer schedules and hoping for weather to stay dry to complete repairs.
By Carmelle

Pond Update

We are approaching the final stages of what has proven to be a very long and drawn out repair.   We have cleaned the pond, repaired most of the pipes that feed the pond, the electrical wiring,  repaired the fountain and reconfigured the water supply line.  The majority of this work was done by board members and volunteer residents.  To see a more detailed report of this work please review on the website under special projects.  We have updated the website periodically during this project.
What we are waiting on now is the weather to cooperate so the pond can dry out and minor patching can be done.  We are also waiting on a volunteer resident to return from business to complete the well pump troubleshooting, final clean out of debris and installing the pump.  It has rained more this year than any other year on record and some of the repairs can only be done when its dry.  Our volunteers have saved the HOA multiple thousands of dollars and we are very fortunate to have residents skilled in these areas.   Most of our volunteer work is being done as time allows and on their schedules.  We are all looking forward to seeing this Job completed.
By Carmelle