Removal of Dangerous Trees

Removal of dangerous trees on the islands on the 89th cul de sac will be done November 30 -December 2.  In addition, all of the trees on the other islands of Woodlake will be wind sailed during this time.  Thanks for your patience.



By Carmelle



The Greenbelt Clean up is now under way. The cleanup cosists of removing the years of acumilation of storm debris, fallen branches, sticker bushes, scotch broom and any other nuisance growth.. They are also ringing all the Ivy from around the trees and removing any debris that has been dumped in the green belts. This was also recommended by our arborist to support the health of our stand of trees and also for overall safety of our green belts in general.
Landmark Landscape company will be here for the next 2-3 weeks cleaning up the green belts. They are bringing in dumpsters for this cleanup. The dumpsters are not for residents to use. A contaminated load carries a very expensive fine. Thank you for your patience during this time.

By Carmelle