Be aware, there were four coyotes in the greenbelt by the pool around 11pm.

By Carmelle

Tree Work

Archon Tree service is scheduled to be on site performing the work that was noted in the 2019 Safety inspection / hazardous tree report.  The tree assessment report and ISA form were submitted to the city of University Place in June and the work was approved.  The work is in both green belt areas and will start on July 1st and should be completed by July 3rd. 
Please stay away from the tree crews while they are working in the common areas.  They will have the immediate area they are working in marked and crew on site.  

By Carmelle

Irrigation Work Postponed

Irrigation work to entrance corner and grass strip along 61st street has been delayed due to additional locating services needing to be performed.  We have multiple services needing to be identified and located in this area before digging can begin in these areas.  Work will proceed when locating services are completed.  

By Carmelle

POOL Reserved

The pool is reserved for private parties the following dates and times:

July 1 6pm-8pm

July 6 6pm-8pm

July 20 11am – 12pm

By Carmelle


The pool will open today at 2:00 pm. Prior to using the pool you must turn in a signed copy acknowledging the rules. The rules can be downloaded from the website under the pool tab.

This is our community pool. Clean up after yourself when you leave. Ensure bathroom doors and gate is locked when you leave. Make sure showers are off, especially if you have children that use it.

Signed pool rules can be returned to the black box located under the little library by the pool.

Pool rules box

the pool requires a key to get in. climbing over the fence is not authorized. ensure your children understand the rules.

By Carmelle