Yard Maintenance

Happy Spring!
As you venture out to enjoy your yard in this warming weather, your Woodlake Homeowners Board asks that you find a few moments to evaluate what the public sees as they drive by. Woodlake has a tradition of having fine homes in one of the best neighborhoods in University Place, and our property values reflect that. Please take that critical look, as though you were going to market your home, and let it be your guide as you plan your spring yard clean-up. We’re offering a checklist of the issues that most often are brought to our attention. We hear, “We love our next-door neighbors, but their…”
_ Lawn needs to be mowed (or seeded) Flower beds need to be weeded
Bushes need to be trimmed
Debris from trees needs to be cleaned from roof or yard Fence needs maintenance
Visual screen for yard waste containers needs maintenance Visual screen for a vehicle needs maintenance
Mailbox needs to be repaired/replaced
If you’d like to hire someone to help, your HOA board can usually make recommendations and they’re listed at: www.woodlakeneighbors.com, along with the Woodlake covenants and other useful information.
Although it’s recommended that we maintain “social distancing” these days, we’re hoping that next year you’ll be able to take some time to “talk across the fence” with your neighbors and catch up with what is new in their lives. Another reason Woodlake is such a great community is because of the wonderful and caring people who live here!

By Carmelle