Annual Woodlake Homeowners Meeting

Greetings All,


In the past years we have used Chambers Elementary school library for our annual meeting.   Because of Covid restrictions at the school, we can not use the library this year.

This year the meeting will be held at the Pierce County Environmental Building 9850 64thSt. W. University Place.  The building is located across from the pet cemetery and next to the golf course. The meeting will be June 10th from 6pm to 8pm.  The meeting date changed to avoid the holiday weekend.

Please put this on your calendar to attend and have your questions or concerns ready to be heard.   Keep in mind that we will only have a two-hour allotted time. Security will leave the gates open until we are finished and the last car has departed.

Just a couple of things that seem to always come up at these meetings.

The pool and the pond are the most expensive items that we maintain. 

The majority of the homeowners want the pool to remain functional, 

especially since there are so many kids that have moved into Woodlake. 

The pond collects all of the storm drain runoff from Woodlake streets and we are required by Pierce County to keep it functional. This is being brought up just as a reminder so that we do not spend unnecessary time on these subjects.

 The pool will be opening Memorial Day Weekend

By Carmelle