Greenbelt Cleanup Complete

We have completed the Green belt clean up. This was a long overdue project for our neighborhood. We hauled out 8 containers full of blackberry bushes, scotch boom, Ivy, downed limbs, and storm debris. We also dumped several trash bins full of cans, bottles, wooden siding, metal debris, carpet remnants, and general trash that found its way into the green belts over the years. The Ivy has been ringed at the base of every tree that needed it. Due to all this rain and work the trails will receive a much needed fresh top coat of wood chips to finish off the job as soon as the weather cooperates in the next few weeks. Mark and his crew at Landmark Landscape company did a great job, they were here every day on time, completed the job with in the budget we set and provided excellent customer service. Thank you for your patience over the last three weeks.

By Scott