Frontage Power Outage

In the middle of December the Woodlake Entrance Sign and center entrance island went dark. With the help of volunteer residents ( Tom Purcella and Lee Richardson) and board member (Mike Cooney) efforts were coordinated and the problem has been temporarily fixed. Tom and Mike were able to trouble shoot the problem and determine the general area that was causing the issue with the electrical service. We then hired The Repair Works Electrical company to locate the actual underground wire path line and also any faults that could be detected using specialized equipment to determine breaks in the underground electrical line. Mike then spent the day digging up the line and found the area that was causing the issue. Mike coordinated with Tom and Lee and the repair was made so we could get the power back on to the frontage.

What has been discovered during this repair is we have several issues with our underground power line feeding the frontage. The main issue is the underground wiring is outdated and in many places needs repair and to be brought up to code (cleaned up for lack of a better term). The frontage sign is still out due to wire corroding and will need to be re wired. We will also need to determine best way to proceed with the underground line that feeds the frontage. We are very fortunate that we have resident volunteers and board members who are skilled in these areas and are willing to step up and donate their knowledge and time to help with these repairs. The volunteer efforts associated with this project alone have saved us a considerable amount of money and we are appreciative of their time spent helping out the neighborhood. With the information we have and the help of our volunteers and board we will be determining the best way forward with this issue.

By Scott