2017 HOA Accomplishments

Woodlake Annual Meeting: Accomplishments 2017

  1. Moss control applied to pool house roof and pool deck.
  2. Pond drained and cleaned. Over 60 tons of debris hauled away.
  3. Richardson Well company evaluated our well and water supply for pond.  Operational.
  4. City came out and inspected trees surrounding pond liner.  Tree roots have pierced liner.  
  5. Pond liner professionally evaluated and waiting on weather to cooperate to patch holes.
  6. Pond  fountain pump repaired, rusted shut taken apart and rebuilt by volunteer.
  7. Pond fountain pump motor taken apart, sandblasted and re assembled.  Operational now.
  8. Pond Piping was rusted shut and non serviceable, all piping changed out by volunteer.
  9. Main pond supply pipe bored through concrete wall to be re installed.
  10. Pond Circuit breaker, Timer and Low water level relay all non serviceable.  Replaced.  
  11. Wiring for well pump circuit replaced with larger gauge wire.   
  12. Power line that feeds frontage failed,  Line was located fault was found and repaired.
  13. Underground power line is compromised in several places, researching repair options.
  14. Entrance light pole bulbs are being changed out to LED.  Will start using LED as needed.
  15. Pool House door vents added for ventilation.
  16. Pool house interior trim redone.
  17. Greenbelt Trails rechipped ( in progress now ).
  18. Light poles in front of pond are not serviceable and are scheduled to be replaced 2017.
  19. Weekly landscaping service for common areas.
  20. Monthly Pool Maintenance Service.
  21. New landscape maintenance provider selected. Nasim and Sons Started April 2017.
  22. Green belt storm debris and limb clean up to be scheduled on an annual basis.    
  23. All common area green belts were treated semi annually for noxious weed control.
  24. Sprayed all chipped trails for weed control as needed.
  25. Certified Arborist Performed Annual safety inspection of common area Trees April 2017.
  26. 2016 Safety inspection results submitted to city and approved.  Dangerous trees removed.
  27. City advised us to create an Urban Forest Management plan and have it on file with city.
  28. Woodlake Little Library installed.
  29. Bus stop window repaired. Plastic window pops out of tracking during winter months.  
  30. New Neighbors Welcomed.
  31. Pool water leak identified and fixed.
  32. Lifeguard selection process underway for the 2017 pool season.
  33. Annual Easter egg hunt for residents 2017.
  34. National night out August 2016.
By Carmelle