Work around the common areas

Tree Service Date Change
Our annual safety inspection Report was submitted to City of University Place in June and Approved.
Archon Tree Service has rescheduled and will now be here on Friday July 14th to remove and trim trees indicated in the annual safety inspection.

Pond Light Pole Replacement.
Our light poles at the Pond parking strip are scheduled to be changed out the third week of August.  The Repair Works, a local University Place lighting contractor was awarded the Job.
The current Light poles are not serviceable and will be replaced with a modern steel pole attached to a concrete base and an LED light fixture.  We are not changing the configuration just removing the rotten wood poles and updating with efficient LED lights.  this work is estimated to take 2 to 3 days and a locator service will come out to mark underground utilites and water prior to Job starting.

Pool  Night light Broken.
Unfortunately the security light at the pool is not working properly and the night light located in the pool grass area has been busted off and left hanging.  We have hired an electrician to repair the security light and also to replace the broken night light fixture.   He will be on site this week ( July 3-7 )  to troubleshoot the lights and replace the broken fixture.  Please report any act of vandalism if witnessed.
By Carmelle