Chambers Primary Castle Playground

Chambers Primary Playground Rebuild Project.  

This is being sent out to Woodlake residents to help raise community awareness.  Multi-generational Woodlake families have enjoyed the Chambers Primary School Playground and hope you can help make a difference.

The Castle Playground at Chambers Primary School is being replaced this summer.

Chambers Primary School Playground Rebuild Project is in need of community support through donations (Donations being excepted through February 16th). The school’s budget allows for very basic equipment; nothing like what is there now. They are relying on much needed donations to buy additional pieces for the playground to be similar in size as the current structure.

If you would like to donate to this worthy cause please go to the Chambers Primary School website and click on the playground photo for a short informational video presentation and donation link.  You can also read a letter written by the current principal.

By Carmelle