Chambers Trail Enhancement

We are currently in the process of transforming the old gravel foot path at the end of our development that leads to Chambers Elementary School to an asphalt path.  Due to the daily heavy use of this trail and the repeated requests from the residents over the years we have made it a priority to get this done.  This project will be done in three stages and we will be closing the trail down for safety only on the days when the work is being performed.

First stage is to pruning the trees and bushes that are protruding into the trail and pushing on the chain link fence supports, Second stage will be trail Preparation and the application of asphalt.  Third and final stage we will service the chain link fence as it has been damaged by trees and bushes pushing on the supporting rails and loosening the tension on the chain link.

The actual work to be performed will only take 3 days and should have minimal impact on the neighborhood. However, due to contractor work loads and scheduling it will occur on 3 separate days over the next month time frame.  We look forward to this trail enhancement and thank you for your patience as we work to complete this project.

Work starts tomorrow June 25th.

By Carmelle