Green Belt Tree Work July 3rd

This is being sent out as a courtesy notice.  The recommended tree trimming and removals from the annual tree safety inspection will take Place on July 3rd.  This Inspection was performed by an ISA Certified Arborist in April.  The recommendations were submitted to and approved by the City of University Place.  The tree work is only expected to take one day.
Part of this work will be the dead limbing and wind-sailing of the trees that surround our swimming pool.  While this work is taking place the pool will be closed for safety reasons.  As soon as the work is completed the pool will re-open.  We asked the tree service Contractor to start trimming and windsailing the trees around the pool area first thing.  Our hope is that the tree work around the pool will be completed early in the day and there will be minimal impact on pool usage.
By Scott