Spring Reminder


The Covenants, Conditions & Restrictions (CC&R’s) can be found on our website www.woodlakeneighbors.com.  For procedures required to notify you of any defaults as well as possible penalties, see Amendment #20130081900090. Below are listed the most common items your Board enforces.

1.  Vehicles on Property:  No more than 4 motor vehicles from the street at any one residence.  Parking on the grass, lawns, flower beds, or common areas is not allowed. (Amendment # 2001091309600)

2.  Roof- To be reasonably free from unsightly debris including, but not limited to, moss, tree limbs, cones, needles and leaves.

      Landscaping and Front Yard- Landscaping shall include trees, shrubs, lawns and rockery.  All landscaping will be kept reasonably trimmed and neat.  Lawns will be kept mowed. Weeds will be removed from the lawn and flower beds as needed.  (Amendment #201308190090)

All below can be found in the original document (#230515)

3.  Refuse:  All garbage, refuse, rubbish to to be deposited in a container and screened from public view.

4.  RVS – Must be in a garage or suitably screened from view-this also includes motor homes, campers and boats.

5.  The Architectural Control Committee governs the following items and its approval must be received prior to commencement of any work. 

      a. Any additions to the house.

      b. Any new front yard landscaping. Any fencing install or replacement.

c.  Any new roof install and any change in exterior paint/color

6.  Pets-House type pets only are allowed.  Cats and dogs are not to exceed 2. Please be courteous and pick up after your dog.


No trees may be limbed, balanced or removed in the common areas without Board approval ascertained in conjunction with the arborist. 

Volunteers are needed for the Social Committee.  Contact Chad Nolan chadnolan@kw.com

The Woodlake Annual Garage Sale is scheduled for June 18-19th.


By Scott


It is time for the annual Woodlake Easter Egg Hunt. The annual search for the golden egg starts promptly at 10:00 AM on Saturday April 3, 2021. Don’t be late, we meet by the pond.

By Scott

Woodlake Tree Lighting

The annual Woodlake Christmas Tree Lighting is this Thursday December 3rd, at 7pm at the pond.  Come join your neighbors for a fun filled time with refreshments.

By Scott


Saturday is Halloween. Let’s make it special for all the kids in the neighborhood.

Halloween reminders:

hours: 6:00 pm to 8:00pm

if you are not participating please turn off porch light.

Enjoy and watch out for the kids.

By Scott


there have been numerous sightings of a large coyote in the neighborhood. Recently around the 9am timeframe.

By Scott


Great news, the pool opens at noon tomorrow August 4, 2020. Due to corona virus restrictions the pool is limited to 8 swimmers at a time. Residents have priority. If others are waiting to use pool, time will be limited to 45 minutes in the pool. In order to use the pool, you will need to print and sign the last page of the rules. Give the signed copy to the lifeguard. There are no printed copies at the pool. Lifeguards are on duty 12-5 daily. Links to the rules and covid rules are on the pool page above.

By Scott

Pond Repairs

Pond Repairs Underway.
Alex has coordinated the volunteer’s and the supplies needed for the necessary pond repairs as outlined in the annual meeting update sent out to all residents in may.  We appreciate the huge amount of time and effort this will take and look forward to having this pond repair completed. This project will start June 17th and will be completed as soon as possible.  We will need a little cooperation with the weather as well.  We need no rain for repair work and then some rain to fill the pond back up after repairs are completed.  A big thank you to Alex and the volunteers !  

By Scott